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Ingle Knight as Writer and Performer

The Exploding Breakfast


Welcome to Africa's Big Apple - The poets, artists, small arms dealers and live chicken sellers are all brought to life on stage by Ingle Knight in his hilarious and captivating South African survival tale...

Ingle went to South Africa as part of the inaugural Western Australia /South Africa Playwright's Exchange. As the first participant in this cultural experiment no guidelines had been established for him to follow. And when he agreed to take part he had no idea what he was letting himself in for.

In The Exploding Breakfast Ingle tells the hilarious and occasionally terrifying story of how he survived his three months in Johannesburg. As he tries to write his next play some of the distractions include an assassination, William Burroughs, a Zimbabwean drug scam, a beautiful woman called Crystal Cleer and a washing machine called Aretha.

Applying his unique prize-winning skills as both writer and performer Ingle takes his audience with him on this fascinating and sometimes excruciating journey of survival and discovery!

All about The Exploding Breakfast (pdf)

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